I am feeling a little drained. I am losing ground and not able to focus. There are too many loose ends that I cannot tie up.  Why? I am running out of answers and patience. I don’t know what to do.

Yes I had high hopes to returning to work this past Monday. It didn’t work. I lasted a day and a half before heading home sick and calling the doctors again. I tried too hard to push it and go back full steam ahead.  I was told to stay home and rest more and hopefully try next week to ease back into work. This is so hard for me…I am a go getter, a doer, not a watcher, not a sitter. I am having such a hard time with this and it is hurting my recovery. I took for granted that this was a simple operation and that I was “fine”. I didn’t surrender completely to the Lord’s will on this situation nor follow the instructions of take it easy. I am stubborn and hard-headed. I just don’t like when things don’t fit into  my plans. I am hanging on hoping that there will be answers and that things will make sense again.

Here’s to hoping there is good news on the horizon.
Praying as always,