It’s refreshing scene, the crisp and clear day after the snowfall. This is last year February 11, 2010 after a big storm that left two or so feet of snow on the ground here in Emmaus and the Lehigh Valley. I love snow days, even as an adult I have always loved snow days. It is that calm quiet day that gives you the excuse to rest, relax and take it easy. Or to catch up on those things that you have not yet done. That is exactly what I need.  Mind you and I am a procrastinator, totally. I am scheduled and rigid with some things but I often like to go with the flow and see where the day’s events lead (now I work with toddlers, twos and threes so that explains a lot – often times our days are dependant on each moment or the teachable moments). I have just spent the whole weekend at home and I am wondering what I even accomplished?

1. I did get all the laundry done. 2. I learned a lot about our wood stove and how to keep it hot during the day (would love any advice on that too – shoot me a comment :-)). 3. I cleaned my desk – somewhat organization is a constant battle with me. 4. I learned that my motivation runs so low – when I am not scheduled. I am working on this and I would ask you dear readers to pray for me on this. Sunday, Northpoint Ministries‘ Andy Stanley talked about the “cumulative” time that we must all put in to achieving goals – ie time with our Lord, devotional time, prayer, exercise, study etc. And I believe that is one of my many faults. I have not given my little bits of time when I should have to many things.  In all my fury, frustration, procrastination, haste, waste and disorganization….there is something constantly in my line of view…

Everytime I look at my desk, cluttered or uncluttered, my Jesus Calling devotional is always in view. No matter how messy things get God is never completely out of reach. I can always grasp those moments with my Saviour.

My days can be filled with one big task or I can steal away for those moments a little at a time to get to those goals. Instead of feeling defeated and unmotivated I can use my time wisely (also in the NI section of my grade school report cards :-/). My time with my Lord can always “need improvement”. Living fully within the grace the Saviour is all anyone needs.

As cliche’ as it sounds all I am counting on this year is “hope” – the hope that I can put in my time to live my life fully to the glory and honor of God. No matter how hard it will be and those times that will try my patience, faith and self-worth my Lord and Saviour is behind me, beside me and ahead of me guiding and guarding my way.  Jesus is calling me to set aside that time each day with Him to hear his voice and will for each day. My hope and faith is that I can catch up, use my time wisely and richly.

Now, I HOPE I can tackle this icy mess....

...not deep, but see its got an icy cover on it...its gonna be tough.

I am sure I can get it all done today…along with the other stuff – writing, taking the Christmas decorations down, dinner, etc. Pray with me that we all can put those important things first or give those moments each day to achieving our goals and making time (quality time) for God.

Love and Blessings for each moment of your day,