My life is in constant disarray,
       But my desk is organized; Is that okay?

I have cobwebs in the corners of my ceiling,
But I can’t shake this happy feeling!

I made a schedule I made a plan,
A decree – all household clutter be banned!

A toilet tissue castle sits upon the table,
They’ll get to the closet, when I am able.

I feel at peace, quiet and rested,
A new day ahead – even if my patience be tested.

There are so many things on my mind;
   Things I can only tackle one at a time.

I pray, Lord, What should I do?
Shall I leave these tasks and worries to you?

I struggle and I fight, I worry and fret,
And haven’t completed a task yet!

I pray for strength, peace, patience and self control,
For you, O Lord, are the lover and guardian of my soul.

Do not worry, you say my blessed child,
These worries will only harm you and steal your smile.

I agree, and hand this list of cares and worries to you,
Now I guess I will go clean my room.

The fears and doubts upon my heart, with care, you take.
Now I have a birthday cake to make <3.

You my Heavenly Father are the maker of all good things,
I will open my hands and heart in praise and sing!

Hallelujah, to you for the gift of this day!
Amen and in your Son Jesus, I pray!

© 2010 /set/Shari Transue.