My life is in constant disarray,
       But my desk is organized; Is that okay?

I have cobwebs in the corners of my ceiling,
But I can’t shake this happy feeling!

I made a schedule I made a plan,
A decree – all household clutter be banned!

A toilet tissue castle sits upon the table,
They’ll get to the closet, when I am able.

I feel at peace, quiet and rested,
A new day ahead – even if my patience be tested.

There are so many things on my mind;
   Things I can only tackle one at a time.

I pray, Lord, What should I do?
Shall I leave these tasks and worries to you?

I struggle and I fight, I worry and fret,
And haven’t completed a task yet!

I pray for strength, peace, patience and self control,
For you, O Lord, are the lover and guardian of my soul.

Do not worry, you say my blessed child,
These worries will only harm you and steal your smile.

I agree, and hand this list of cares and worries to you,
Now I guess I will go clean my room.

The fears and doubts upon my heart, with care, you take.
Now I have a birthday cake to make <3.

You my Heavenly Father are the maker of all good things,
I will open my hands and heart in praise and sing!

Hallelujah, to you for the gift of this day!
Amen and in your Son Jesus, I pray!

© 2010 /set/Shari Transue.

Hello and welcome! Welcome to my space, my sentiments and scribbles on life; laughter, joy, sorrow and all those things that make life  a smattering – of all things good and bad, rough and easy, happy and sad!

I hope you will enjoy sharing in all that life has offered me. I just turned 30 a week ago and maybe this is my “mid life crisis” but I’d rather not call it that. I’d rather focus on the growth that has taken place over the many (few) years of my life :-).

I welcome you to take part in my musings upon childhood memories, dreams, plans, hopes and challenges.

Making something out of life is never easy – but it is important that you make a mark on the world and a meaningful one at that! I hope you will share with me and add to my knowledge and discussion.

In a nutshell this is where I came up with the theme – name for this blog:

Shari – that’s me
Scribble – scrawl, doodle, draw, jot, squiggle, jotting
Smatter – To study or approach superficially; dabble in
Sentiment – feeling, emotion, response, reaction, attitude, opinion, outlook
Musings – think, ponder, consider, mull-over, cogitate, deliberate, reflections

Come back and visit 🙂

Aloha again!