I cannot take credit for this photo, at all. But it is history. Not necessarily my history, rather, I am just a part of its story. The little white house in the right corner (of the photo) is home where I live. It is not part of my family history and I am just a visitor in the history and the roots of this house and home.


This the key I use to get in the door to my home house. I’ve lived in eleven different houses since I was born; all of them were home at some point – but which one (do) did I belong?   In the past year I have asked myself these questions so many times – Where do I belong? Who do I belong to? What is my purpose? (Am I going through a mid-life crisis? I am too young for that. Right?)

Or am I seeking – God’s purpose? I know that I am tired of wandering. I am tired, weary and directionless. I want more but I am stuck. Lord, I am stuck – where do you want me to go? What is my purpose? Where do I belong?

Be with me as I wait…

As I search…

As your purpose and plan is revealed to me….

in your time…show me where …

I belong.