I cannot take credit for this photo, at all. But it is history. Not necessarily my history, rather, I am just a part of its story. The little white house in the right corner (of the photo) is home where I live. It is not part of my family history and I am just a visitor in the history and the roots of this house and home.


This the key I use to get in the door to my home house. I’ve lived in eleven different houses since I was born; all of them were home at some point – but which one (do) did I belong?   In the past year I have asked myself these questions so many times – Where do I belong? Who do I belong to? What is my purpose? (Am I going through a mid-life crisis? I am too young for that. Right?)

Or am I seeking – God’s purpose? I know that I am tired of wandering. I am tired, weary and directionless. I want more but I am stuck. Lord, I am stuck – where do you want me to go? What is my purpose? Where do I belong?

Be with me as I wait…

As I search…

As your purpose and plan is revealed to me….

in your time…show me where …

I belong.

Emmaus, Pennsylvania is a great place to live. Why? It’s small, its quiet, quaint and it has been on CNN’s Money List of  Top 100 Best Places to Live  for three years now. That is just AWESOME. There is tons of culture in Emmaus – to spite what Money Mag has to say. Family and community is getting lost in all of this party hard culture that we live in. I can’t think of a better town to live in where you can walk a block to see a great parade, or a few blocks to the square to hear music, walk your dog, and just walk around town.

Mom and I, Emmaus Halloween Parade 2010

 Yes, just a block down from our house – is part of the Annual Halloween Parade route – which winds around to main road Chestnut Street where is makes its end at the Triangle. There is just something about the organizations, schools, clubs and people that make up this Halloween Parade and every other event that happens here. Though, I was born here, but not raised – have to give Scranton, PA (love The Office btw 🙂 ) that honor – you do feel at home in this little town.

Seriously, in this little radius of 3 miles you can walk literally anywhere, it is safe, there is a sense of community, welcoming atmosphere, cohesiveness and community support. Check out more happenings on the Borough website and the Emmaus Main Street Program – next up is the Old Fashioned Christmas Celebration.

Yes, it is a tractor club....

...don't laugh....I'm sure it takes skill to drive a tractor plow.... our farms and farmers, with pride...

...Proud to be born and raised in Pennsylvania!!!!

God puts you where you are for a reason and so you CAN make a difference. Love and Blessings!