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I miss this place. I’ve missed Easter this year. I did keep up via live stream and online like everyone else this year. I just miss and crave the presence. Being in the presence of Jesus in the Blessed Sacrament is a place I long to be. This year that is not possible due to our current world and state situations.

This place is more that just a place. It is where I first felt truly right at church, where I first embraced Christ in the Blessed Sacrament and where I got married. It is where I go to meet Christ and I miss it. I pray for the day that I can go to Jesus and worship and receive again.

+Father, Son and Holy Spirit+

Happy Blessed Easter!

San Clamente


Many people, even people in my own life, have said this very same thing…”I would never wear a cross, its an instrument of death.”  This same quote came up as I attended Good Friday service this year.  As the homily started, my ears perked up…reading an article from Crossroads Initiative by Dr. Italy – I soon found myself understanding with “why” we remember our Lord’s Passion – Good Friday – Victory of the Cross.

He read on and brought to mind an earlier post featuring an episode from the Catholicism series on The Church – it featured the mosaic [above] from the Church of San Clemente in Rome – it shows how the cross’s purpose and how it is not just victorious but yes indeed, fruitful – a tree of life, we are grafted onto the vine. It is a wonderful visual of how the cross is connected to the resurrection and LIFE everlasting.

Even Pope John Paul II said,  “Do not abandon yourselves to despair. We are the Easter people and hallelujah is our song.”

 Have a blessed Easter!

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This is what we did on Easter Sunday: Since I am not up for Sunday breakfast or church  just yet I went to Easter Sunday service on the TV and well Kitty joined me. For some comic relief in my mundane and lazy days this week. Please pray with me that I can go back to work on Monday and stop feeling so icky :-(.

Lots of Love and Blessings,

May the message of the cross and the death and Resurrection of the Saviour Jesus Christ be with you today and always. May you find new hope, a new start and a faith that never fails. He Lives!

Happy Easter!

I sit here weary and tired (since surgery – I get tired) and wondering where did the Lenten season go? Where has this past year gone? It has been so tumultuous since 2011 arrived. There have been many issues since January. And as Easter Sunday approaches I am bittersweet. I have missed Sundays hands raised in worship and singing in the choir. Wondering what does this all mean? What do I mean? Do I matter? Do I make a difference?

No matter how humble, everyone wants to know that they are loved and they do matter. I have been feeling like this for a long time. After a major life change and move four years ago things have remained unsettled, unfinished, unfocused and chaotic. I have been so disenchanted with church but earnestly seeking God with all my heart – even when it is hard as hell. And it has been really hard this past few years trying to find my focus, meaning and purpose. There are those times when I feel disconnected and far away from my Lord. But I know that HE is there, in every small moment, I can see His Wonderous works.

I can see where, I have gotten ahead of myself I have not let the hand of God work over my life in awesome ways. I get in the way, ALWAYS. And before I know it time has passed and I am clueless as to how I got there. Its nuts. I know I need to slow down, I know I can’t be perfect, I know I need to reflect, refresh and relish all the mysteries that are before me. I pray that I can turn my disenchantment into joy and purpose. Learning to live joyously, full of love and life is harder than it seems. Learning to” live like you belong to God” is one very hard part of this journey of faith.

This Easter I pray that I (and you) can find that part of you that feels worthy to be called HIS and find that you do matter to the Father, you do belong to GOD. I also pray that I will see others as HIS and learn to appreciate all that is God’s. To new life, new hope, new journey – may you be transformed by Christ’s Resurrection.

Happy Easter! Much love and Many Blessings,


Spring is upon us, yes and the weather is still quirky, but all around the signs of spring are showing their colors.

This year it seemed that Easter came and went, just too fast. Saint Patrick’s Day was barely over and the bunnies hopped in and out like jack rabbits. Easter was gone, the candy remained in the baskets and the leftover ham still lingered in the refrigerator. The signs of Easter were all around. However, the signs of life are continuing to show themselves.

For many people the bleak blank sights of winter have a way of affecting mood, balance and motivation. We all need color in our lives, we all appreciate color in some form – my favorite color is blue – shades of blue, blue greens, teals, purple blues etc. I truly believe that one needs the soft pastels of spring to lighten the mood and show that hope and life are not dead.

 Just when it seems that the blank, cold gray will never end suddenly the flowers begin to bud and show their beauty. One of my favorite times to enjoy is when the soft little petals blow in the spring breeze – like a spring snow shower – it’s not damp, cold or plain. It’s soft, warm and peaceful. Suddenly, the sun is shining, the birds chirp with joy, the green returns to the grass and the colors of the earth break forth with gladness.  It seems that Easter comes just when we need it. When we just can’t take the darkness anymore and the cold, bitter winter seems relentless, our time of joyful celebration arrives. There is nothing like the sun shine on an Easter Sunday to remind us of the risen Christ.  In our humanness we need the cycles of life and seasons to remember, reflect and reconcile our lives and minds to our Lord. Easter and spring is just the right time and place to remind us of the hope that we still have in Christ.

I could never understand the views of anyone who didn’t believe that flowers and trees were not created by God. No man could create life in its most intricate details and design. Even with our medical science, biological knowledge and botany technology – life and the human body continue to amaze us. Well, I continue to be amazed at how we have been designed and the awe I see in creation. I know that our Lord created us with a purpose and he continues to show himself, however complicated and complex.

 Our Creator God, is not simple, but is complex and our life in a relationship with the Lord seems complicated. HE askes nothing of us except devotion, love and trust – we however are self-driven, self-reliant and at the mercy of the world’s schedule and timing. It was not in God’s design for us to be tied down to the worlds demands. He never meant for us to live in a world with so much pain and saddness, dilemma and confusion. He allows us freedom to choose and asks for our trust – and yet we still take it all upon ourselves in the hope of finding that joy. Time and time again, season after season we are reminded that the true joy, hope and Love reside with Him. He sent us his hope and mercy, when he sent Jesus. We are never forgotten by our Lord, he is faithful through it all. We were never promised perfection, but peace. Peace of mind knowing that our stuggles will be half as hard and life will be twice as good when we are in communion with him. He will take care of all of the struggles if we just let him – if we just let go. He reminds of this in Matthew 6:26. Our heavenly Father cares for us and sends us hope each day and season. So this season, this spring – as you see the beauty in the shades of spring, remember the hope that we have as we continue on life’s journey. Never forget but be reminded of the promise and the hope that is with us always.