So before Irene, we prepared a bit. Since in the back of my mind I knew we would have hot water and such, if the power went out, I figured we’d buy food and clear the patio a bit to avoid damage.

We prepared pretty well…

In our efforts to prepare…there is always this black cloud that likes to hang around and just reek havoc. My sister thought we’d clear the small plants and put them on the inside patio—and then it happened. She screamed, “Ewww. I smell skunk all over this potted plant.” I was like what? How and Why? I ran out and she ran in (the house) big mistake. Because if anyone knows about skunk it permeates the house in minutes. As I ran out I could smell it and I saw the dog. Yes, my ultra hairy, WHITE Samoyed rubbing her face in skunky grass. Gross!!! “Stop that! Stop that right now!!! I screamed. But it was too late. The dog was gross and skunky. I removed the plant and went to look up some kind of de- skunking solution. And I found one – apparently tomato juice is kind of a wives tale.

Here on How to Get Rid of Things – I found a vinegar/peroxide, baking soda and dish soap mix. Now in my defense it didn’t say how to mix it and I was skeptical (because it did cross my mind for a milli-second that this is the same mixture used in science class for volcanoes) but panicked and I put the mixture in a gallon jug and shook it to mix it. BIG MISTAKE as the jug began to swell I acted quickly to undo the top.Ā  BAM the lid shot off and the vinegar mixture geysered up to the high ceiling we have in the kitchen. And all over the cabinets and the TV… was broke before the electric went out.

So now the whole house smells like skunk and vinegar. So as the mixture drips from the ceiling we manage to get it into a basin (which BTW I would recommend you use to mix the explosive combo). We wash the dogs face and head and try to regroup. I sprayed the house with a vinegar and water mixture to neutralize the skunk and it worked. I think the dog is going to need another vinegar wash down but all in all it seems to have settled and dissipated. I brushed/combed her out again yesterday and she is looking pretty good….

...except those brown spots on her legs.

So we survived before Irene and after. Stay tuned for the last edition – photo essay of after Irene “Parts Underwater”.

Have a skunk free day!