Yeah, today I’m not going to write about hurricane Irene or the health issues that have overshadowed the past four months of my life. I’d like to take another peek at some of the cute, fun and happy moments shared this summer.

As seen in the latest Wordless Wednesday post, Savannah is a water dog or something like that. She enjoys splashing around.

Savannah loves her pool...

...and barking for more water.

Kitty has some other plans…you’ve seen he loves to play and get into things. He still enjoys paper balls and plastic balls.

...And snoozing cutely.

And well enough about the pets. I was determined to spite the rain that I was going to go to the beach and relax. Well I made it there twice but all in all it is one of my favorite places to be. It is so calming (even with kids randomly screaming and having sand wars next to you), the crashing waves and sounds of the water are so calming, that you literally get lost in place and time. Just like the waves “of grace” wash away the junk that clutters your life. The reminders of renewal, change and sanctity that the beach offers helps so much.

Sorry, no videos of Irene, just slightly hazardous and powerful waves at Island Beach State Park, NJ – August 7th, 2011.

It’s been a fun summer and there are more stories to follow. But for now signing off and getting ready to prepare for a maybe hazardous storm ahead. Be prepared, be safe and brave the storm ahead.

Life is like a beach…caotic and stressful, strewn with litter – emotional baggage, heartache, sin, stress, pride, anger – it is so overwhelming.

With schedules and bills, appointments and jobs, school and careersĀ life seems like it would be fulfilling. But instead is messy and stressful there is too much trying to distract us from finding the purpose that God has planned for us. We get too bogged down with the world’s wants and needs and we struggle to fit God into our lives.

My life was like that beach – strewn with litter after the summer season – I was weary and worn to the core. I needed the comfort of my God, to calm my anxiety and stress. My Redeemer sent His Waves of Grace to cleanse my beach.