This poem was originally published February 24th,2010 on Associtated Content. A special Saint Patrick’s Day poem to start the month and prepare for Easter. As the slow months of February and March continue on, so does the “days of our lives”. I know it sounds so cliche, but it is true and we long for that warmth of the spring sun and the fresh breeze of the tepid air . It reminds us that faith is not gone and life is still renewed each spring.  Spring and Easter are  just around the corner so don’t fret and the Lord is still keeping us safe and hearing our prayers. He is still sending us those symbols to remind us of His ever constant grace. So Happy Saint Patrick’s Day. As March enters like a lion still, remember that the Lamb of God is there to save us from the storms of life.

Faith and Shamrocks

The winter snow has gone away,
It’s warmer in the air today!

 The sun is bright, warm and beautiful,
 Trees are blooming, so very colorful.
The Valentines and hearts have faded past.
Holidays always come and go too fast.

 Tricks and treats, gifts and eats
Snow and ice, hearts and treats.

 The grass is green, the flowers bright.
Amongst the blades there is quite a sight.

 I see a shamrock, with three hearts, not four.
Don’t scoff and say, “What do you want that for?”

 For in it a message, a gift of luck for you and me.
A faith filled blessing for Saint Patrick’s Day. See?

Three hearts – the trinity, a gift from heaven above,
From the Father, Son and Holy Spirit, with love.

With the trinity of faith who needs any thing more?
Than the grace of the Savior, Christ Jesus our Lord!

Happy Saint Patrick’s Day and blessings to you,
From the Father, Son and Holy Spirit, too!

 © 2010 /set/Shari E. Transue