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Oh and his name is Pickles.

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So we all know that the best parts about Christmastime is family, food, gifts and FUN! Yes fun – nostalgic things like cookies, cocoa, movies and pie are some of the fun that makes the season enjoyable. This year one  of the fun gifts that came my way was —not a Ginger bread but a Ningabread cookie decorating kit — hysterical right. Yes.

Almost like the famed Gingy from Shrek.

Almost like the famed Gingy from Shrek.


Getting creative.

Getting creative.


Finished Ninjabread cookie.

Finished Ninjabread cookie.

Our Ninjabread ended up looking like Colonel Sanders with spiked gumdrop hair :-). So that was the hysterical part and then a curious and yet strangely disturbing twist— you be the judge….

Do you want to eat a snowman?

Do you want to eat a snowman?

Merry Fun Christmas!

Just loving this group The Ineloquent



It is so refreshing to hear – the secular entertainment world say – “having brought God in here it is extraordinary ….we do miss the spiritual dimension.” – #Noemi

Suor Cristina -“Oh Daddy dear (Abba) you know you’re still number one…I want to be the one to walk in the sun.” “When Sister Cristina sings she gives joy, and this is her gift.” – #J-Ax

This is perfect for Easter weekend – the Lord still prevails and will not be silenced.

Happy Easter!

It’s no lie that here in the Northeast (and well everywhere) we’ve been hit by cold and snow this winter so in the season of winter I’d like to share with you a video from one of my favorite movies….

Enjoy your weekend and the rest of this winter…

…take the day (if you can) to relax, reflect, remissness, reconcile and recharge.

Happy Labor Day!

So before Irene, we prepared a bit. Since in the back of my mind I knew we would have hot water and such, if the power went out, I figured we’d buy food and clear the patio a bit to avoid damage.

We prepared pretty well…

In our efforts to prepare…there is always this black cloud that likes to hang around and just reek havoc. My sister thought we’d clear the small plants and put them on the inside patio—and then it happened. She screamed, “Ewww. I smell skunk all over this potted plant.” I was like what? How and Why? I ran out and she ran in (the house) big mistake. Because if anyone knows about skunk it permeates the house in minutes. As I ran out I could smell it and I saw the dog. Yes, my ultra hairy, WHITE Samoyed rubbing her face in skunky grass. Gross!!! “Stop that! Stop that right now!!! I screamed. But it was too late. The dog was gross and skunky. I removed the plant and went to look up some kind of de- skunking solution. And I found one – apparently tomato juice is kind of a wives tale.

Here on How to Get Rid of Things – I found a vinegar/peroxide, baking soda and dish soap mix. Now in my defense it didn’t say how to mix it and I was skeptical (because it did cross my mind for a milli-second that this is the same mixture used in science class for volcanoes) but panicked and I put the mixture in a gallon jug and shook it to mix it. BIG MISTAKE as the jug began to swell I acted quickly to undo the top.  BAM the lid shot off and the vinegar mixture geysered up to the high ceiling we have in the kitchen. And all over the cabinets and the TV…

...it was broke before the electric went out.

So now the whole house smells like skunk and vinegar. So as the mixture drips from the ceiling we manage to get it into a basin (which BTW I would recommend you use to mix the explosive combo). We wash the dogs face and head and try to regroup. I sprayed the house with a vinegar and water mixture to neutralize the skunk and it worked. I think the dog is going to need another vinegar wash down but all in all it seems to have settled and dissipated. I brushed/combed her out again yesterday and she is looking pretty good….

...except those brown spots on her legs.

So we survived before Irene and after. Stay tuned for the last edition – photo essay of after Irene “Parts Underwater”.

Have a skunk free day!

Yeah, today I’m not going to write about hurricane Irene or the health issues that have overshadowed the past four months of my life. I’d like to take another peek at some of the cute, fun and happy moments shared this summer.

As seen in the latest Wordless Wednesday post, Savannah is a water dog or something like that. She enjoys splashing around.

Savannah loves her pool...

...and barking for more water.

Kitty has some other plans…you’ve seen he loves to play and get into things. He still enjoys paper balls and plastic balls.

...And snoozing about..so cutely.

And well enough about the pets. I was determined to spite the rain that I was going to go to the beach and relax. Well I made it there twice but all in all it is one of my favorite places to be. It is so calming (even with kids randomly screaming and having sand wars next to you), the crashing waves and sounds of the water are so calming, that you literally get lost in place and time. Just like the waves “of grace” wash away the junk that clutters your life. The reminders of renewal, change and sanctity that the beach offers helps so much.

Sorry, no videos of Irene, just slightly hazardous and powerful waves at Island Beach State Park, NJ – August 7th, 2011.

It’s been a fun summer and there are more stories to follow. But for now signing off and getting ready to prepare for a maybe hazardous storm ahead. Be prepared, be safe and brave the storm ahead.

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