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I miss this place. I’ve missed Easter this year. I did keep up via live stream and online like everyone else this year. I just miss and crave the presence. Being in the presence of Jesus in the Blessed Sacrament is a place I long to be. This year that is not possible due to our current world and state situations.

This place is more that just a place. It is where I first felt truly right at church, where I first embraced Christ in the Blessed Sacrament and where I got married. It is where I go to meet Christ and I miss it. I pray for the day that I can go to Jesus and worship and receive again.

+Father, Son and Holy Spirit+

Happy Blessed Easter!


Amid the soft glow of the candle ushering in the Light of the Risen Christ – the time comes to welcome, confirm and bless those entering the Church. The Litany of the Saints tells the biblical and historical story of the Church.

I remember the night I was “confirmed and received my first Eucharist” – words that still remain – “be sealed with the gift Holy Spirit”, “Lord Have Mercy”, “…all you holy men and women pray for us”.


Peace of Christ be with you!

Happy Easter!



In Sorrow and Joy,



Enjoy this Blessed Palm Sunday!


San Clamente


Many people, even people in my own life, have said this very same thing…”I would never wear a cross, its an instrument of death.”  This same quote came up as I attended Good Friday service this year.  As the homily started, my ears perked up…reading an article from Crossroads Initiative by Dr. Italy – I soon found myself understanding with “why” we remember our Lord’s Passion – Good Friday – Victory of the Cross.

He read on and brought to mind an earlier post featuring an episode from the Catholicism series on The Church – it featured the mosaic [above] from the Church of San Clemente in Rome – it shows how the cross’s purpose and how it is not just victorious but yes indeed, fruitful – a tree of life, we are grafted onto the vine. It is a wonderful visual of how the cross is connected to the resurrection and LIFE everlasting.

Even Pope John Paul II said,  “Do not abandon yourselves to despair. We are the Easter people and hallelujah is our song.”

 Have a blessed Easter!

Shari 001