IMG_4183I’m Shari  and I am a “smattering” of many things; wife, daughter, aunt, friend, teacher, cake decorator, Roman Catholic, reader and aspiring writer. Some would say that I am a “jack of all trades” and this is most likely true.  Some say that I am friendly, compassionate, “beautiful’,  fun, creative, hilarious, outgoing and have a great personality. 

Who knows what  God has in store, I still have hopes, dreams, challenges and plans that are still waiting to be revealed. But isn’t that part of everyone’s life?  The thrill of the UNKNOWN, unexpected,  undiscovered…the joy of the challenges and blessings that come from every new experience. image

I do have many loves; I love to sit down and talk over a cup of coffee – there is nothing that compares to that quiet place of rest, relaxation, company, “family and friends around a table” just talking to one another. I love conversation, special projects, baking, decorating, taking photos, blogging – obviously, researching,  learning (that’s the teacher in me) and sharing.  

I love all things warm, Hawaii, hibiscus, tropical and oceanic. I also love the white snow that falls soft on the ground at winter, the hollow howl and ‘whoosh’ of the wind across the arctic plain and Samoyed dogs. I love butterflies, the color teal blue, warm summer days and chilly walks in the snow. I love, love, love the beach – and wish I could live there someday but I always feel that I might forget to appreciate the love I have for the seasons. Not just the seasons of the year but the seasons of life.
Yes life is a smattering – my life is a smattering of many many things. Each new day and each new challenge is a gift – a gift of knowledge and grace. I hope you will be by to visit from time to time and share in some of my many crazy smatterings of sentiments, scribbles and musings.
 Love well and Love God always, be gracious, see GOD in EVERYTHING, Praise God through EVERYTHING – even when it is hard as hell, Praise Him and thank HIM – Eucharisteo always…Trust God with your ANYTHING!

So I say to you Aloha! Both Hello and Goodbye. Until we meet again may God Bless you and Keep you safe!


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