Still buried in snow...paperwork...tasks...

Last week, I had a chance to catch-up on some things – a snow (and icy pellets falling from the sky) day came my way. I had the opportunity to get cleaning done, writing, organize goals, reading etc. Just a day to put everything into place. 

This year thus far, has been a little off. Lets just say I didn’t start off on the right foot – directionless, in a funk and just out of it. However, I have come to realize that everything is a learning experience. Almost immediately, I went on a task doing craze – yet I spent most of the day at my desk and  my prioritizing goals were thwarted. Hence the Christmas decor still hangs and I had realized that my devotional time was way behind. WAY BEHIND.

I had neglected my time and devotions. By the time Saturday had arrived I was so strung out. The events of the day only served as more stress and aggravation. Earlier in the week, my car tire had gone flat and Wednesday afternoon was spent in annoyance and frustration. By Thursday my computer had decided to throw another temper-tantrum and more time was wasted on fixing that issue (which is on again/off again).  While Saturday looked up – a day to get things accomplished and working out a way to get a new pc system 🙂 Yay! The events of the new computer hook up only further frustrated me and monopolized time with friends and family.

Late, Saturday night I tried to sleep but couldn’t. I was totally consumed with why the computer wouldn’t recognize the internet connection, why why why???? I was obsessed and throwing all of my time and energy into it. After only a few hours of sleep. I awoke early, headed to the store to get some coffee and gas for the car. I returned home and tried to hook the old computer back up in an attempt to get some configuration info out of it. But it wouldn’t and still won’t start up windows grrr total frustration. I broke down and cried. I felt helpless and stupid and just useless. This was the dumbest thing ever. I decided to take a break and I opened up my Jesus Calling book only to find it had been unread since TUESDAY what???? What happened? I was determined to spend the morning reading through the past week – I am so glad I did. And I wished I had done it earlier. It was exactly what I needed (Jan 17 – Jan 24) each day to focus my time on God and prioritize tasks and events. If I had done my devotions earlier I may have been better prepared to handle the frustrating events of Saturday. After some time with God and some new fresh eyes and a clear mind. I called my ISP people and the problem was solved in ten minutes and I was given further info as well. It was like the answer was so close and simple. And I missed it and I obsessed over it. I never asked for help – I wanted to do it myself. I was stubborn. I need to realize my limits and when I need help. Jesus was and is calling me, He is calling you and if you will let Him – He will lead your path, guide your steps and give you the peace you need.

What are you focusing your time and attention on? What is monopolizing your days? Family? Life?

As always, Grace and Peace be with you,