Just a few short weeks ago, the fall season came. With 70 degree days and bright warm sunshine – summer was hanging on. Then all of a sudden autumn rushed in. The trees began to drop their leaves and cool-crisp air with gusto blew in. Wind whipped through the branches and howled with a fierce voice as the seasons changed. The mood was quickly set as Halloween approached. Only a week ago…the air was still, the kids were a buzz with Halloween spirit and the season was still. Then the yellow maple carpeted the lawn with its bright leaves. Eventhough, I knew the winter was approaching, the bright yellow reflection of the leaves was a joy.

“Yellow Maple Carpet”

 The reflection of bright joy and happiness was an excellent segway into this soft, quiet stillness of winter. The seasons approach with passivity and sometimes all at once. There is sometimes nothing to say. One minute it was summer and the next minute fall.

And as soon as those leaves fell – they were raked up and out to the curb for pick up. I love the crunch of the leaves and my dog loves playing in them as well. The leaves are piled high at the curb, the grass is frozen stiff with the coating of frost and we await the Thanksgiving holiday and the December chill.
With so much going on lately, working full time (two part-time jobs) my days are long and busy. I long to savor the season’s changes and brilliance. It seemed like  a rush to get the leaves piled into the street. It made mekind of  sad – I was like they just fell 😦 . It was just more work to be done. I was unable to really enjoy it – jumping and tossing in the leaves and breathing in that cool, fresh air and awaiting the next season – winter as it quiets the earth under its winter white blanket of snow and frost.

What is your favorite season? What do you like best about it? I love each season – even in the extremes, it keeps things interesting.

I pray that the seasons bring the Joy of the Lord to you! With many blessings!