I know you are asking….”What does that mean?” Well, have you ever felt so overwhelmed that you wanted to just freeze time? Have everything just slow down? So you could catch up? Well, that is just how I have felt for the last few weeks. Overwhelmed and lacking motivation. Everything is flying by too fast and I can’t catch up.

I have always prided on being a busy person, having things to do, always going here and going there….I always had a full-time job—I was a preschool teacher and full-time student at the same time. That was overwhelming in itself. My last full-time job took a lot of work and took a lot out of me. Last summer was the first time that I had anytime for myself. I was out of work and had a lot, A LOT of time on my hands. So that is what you see (on my other pages) yes I put my all into creating blogs about my new-found hobby of “caking” — cake baking, decorating and other sweets. Also, I created my blog/site for my long time love of children’s literature – must be the teacher in me. All of this was very handy in keeping me sane while I was home. I dabbling in book reviews, new children’s book releases and even some of my own children’s books.

“Signs of summer, colors and flowers”

Summer went along, and into fall and winter as well. Sure I hoped for that full-time job again and to teach again. But mostly I just went with the flow. As the days and months whizzed by I became so overwhelmed to the point that  I was literally plopped into a full-time caking fiasco.  My cake-walk has turned into a full-fledged monstrous, hand numbing task. 

Yes I work with ice cream cake; and the long hot days that seem to never end have been flying by at lightning speed. There are those days when I “literally want to freeze, in the freezer”; sometimes taking the order boxes to the freezer is the only respite from the blasting hot air from the freezer fans. And as I come home, weighed down from hours on my feet and the film of icing and sweat on my brow, I am hopeful for the next day. Sometimes worn and tired, sometimes numb and sore and other days hopeful and optimistic. I pray. I pray and I hope that I can and will be able to manage all of the things I have to juggle.

Time is not freezing, it is flying and I hope that soon I will catch up or that it will slow down for me. I am looking forward to the future, hard as it is, with and open heart and mind. Day to day, however, is much harder – faith is the only peace and guiding force that makes each day possible.  And believe me my faith has been tested to the point of total shut-down. I only recently have begun to open up to those things that have long been a part of my life and too long apart from my life. Each time I come closer another reminder of how great life with God can be. I pray to the Father, that respite, answers, humility and purpose will come.

I love this version of the song/video, with a twist on the events of Jesus’ life, death and resurrection and what it means for all the world – God’s people. Peace, love, hope and faithfulness always and always. In Jesus’ name. Amen.