I cannot take credit for this photo, at all. But it is history. Not necessarily my history, rather, I am just a part of its story. The little white house in the right corner (of the photo) is home where I live. It is not part of my family history and I am just a visitor in the history and the roots of this house and home.


This the key I use to get in the door to my home house. I’ve lived in eleven different houses since I was born; all of them were home at some point – but which one (do) did I belong?   In the past year I have asked myself these questions so many times – Where do I belong? Who do I belong to? What is my purpose? (Am I going through a mid-life crisis? I am too young for that. Right?)

Or am I seeking – God’s purpose? I know that I am tired of wandering. I am tired, weary and directionless. I want more but I am stuck. Lord, I am stuck – where do you want me to go? What is my purpose? Where do I belong?

Be with me as I wait…

As I search…

As your purpose and plan is revealed to me….

in your time…show me where …

I belong.

It WASN’T supposed to rain today. I get so tired and down when it rains. It’s hard too when you have no where to take your energy filled tots either – its not like I have a desk to chill at. Though they love to watch the rain and look with the magnifying glasses. So maybe this “rainy day won’t get me down…”

….We’ll see.

Take Care,

Be blessed and be a blessing....

I have so much to be thankful for. I really do. God has blessed me beyond wordsbeyond all that I could ask or imagine. I could never keep it all to myself – like Abram I need to share the blessings that have been given me. To give back, be a blessing, be an inspiration to those who are in need. Those who have done for me – I know that people have been on their knees praying for me this past year – I know the Lord has heard your prayers, He has carried me and I know He will bless you richly. So,I say THANK YOU for being a blessing in my life and may God continue to bless you abundantly.

I love mail. Email and snail mail (except bills – no one like those). And even more I love sending cards – I truly do and this pack is perfect – it comes at just the right time for me to reflect on the past year’s blessings and look forward to the blessings that are to come. There are so many people who have been a blessing in my life and I need to let them know that I am also praying and thinking of them daily.  God has made something beautiful out of such horrible circumstances. It will be so awesome to share things like grace, hope, thanks and just pure joy with those who have lifted me up this past year in my struggles.

Pens and stamps ready to share the love, grace and JOY!

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FTC Disclosure: I selected and was provided with the Holley Gerth Hope & Encouragement Pack from Dayspring, free of charge for review. These opinions are my own and do not reflect those of Dayspring in any way.

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Thanks again for reading. Be inspired, share your blessings and CHOOSE JOY!

Many blessings as always,

Last year my good friend, Amy (@Backseatwriter) wrote her One Word 2011 post for New Year’s Day. I didn’t. I wrote a post, yes, reflecting on my year past and the things I hoped to change in Reflections: A Year Past and A Year Ahead. In my post I had hoped that my 2011 would be brighter and filled with less of the stress, anxiety, negativity, pain and bitterness that overshadowed 2010 .It seemed each day was filled with dread – dread of each day at work, more bad news, more ho hum days, grim, grey and faithless. Looking back on my 2010 reflections, I suppose “trust” should’ve been my One Word 2011.

Not that 2011 was uneventful, no it was filled with a lot of events. Unbelievable events, uncertainty, and many questions filled 2011.  I claimed faith and trust in my Savior at the beginning of the year:

“And though it seems cold and solitary – my Saviour walks with me.
This year, this journey – I have no idea what lies ahead on this road.
I have to take it and I have to rely on my faith and communion with my God to make the journey…

I know that I will look and I will see the miracles, the grace, the joys and the hope.
Through the hard times and the pain – I will still see Him and I will rejoice.
I know I won’t understand everything but I haven’t given up and I know I am not ready to.
During this “new year” I am determined to rely on my faith and my God to guide my steps.

I am hoping and praying for a better year or a better way to handle what comes.
I truly hope and pray for a blessed 2011!”

I had no idea that I would have to trust God – I said I would trust Him and He guided me through life changing emotional pain, emergency surgery, cancer, medical bills, more surgery, renewed faith, relationships and He is still holding my hand. As of December 19th – my health is still of concern to my doctors, I am ending 2011 with uncertainty, about my health and wellness.

So this year I am claiming my “health” – yes, my physical, emotional and spiritual health. I am claiming it in the name of God. I feel like my trust came with faith and my health will come with happiness and abundance. No matter how dark the days seem, I have this irrepressible hope that remains. So I claim my health and happiness and my faith, trust and hope shall remain as I enter this year of uncertainty.

I claim my health for 2012. What are you claiming for this coming year? What is your ONE WORD 2012?

Have a blessed New Year! In Jesus’ name! May He bless you always!

Christmas Stocking stuffers galore

So what is in your stocking? Did you get awesome gifts from Santa? Did you get showered with big presents and have a grand old time? Or did you have some of those special gifts that you weren’t expecting on Christmas Day?

I, for one, only asked for one thing – yes one - Crazy Love by Francis Chan. I could borrow it from a friend but I wanted my own copy – see I don’t blast through books quickly I take (at a snails pace) my time. I do better with children’s books (maybe I shouldn’t admit that but I do) its a hobby and hopefully a career of mine. So I wanted my own copy of this book. But on Christmas Eve/Christmas morning (and the day after) I got more than  I expected or asked for.

A Snowman Nutcracker - my snowman collection is growing YAY!

Hula Snowman - I think he's supposed to be made of "sand"

Those are my two cheeriest gifts. Anyone who knows me well knows that I love snowmen as a matter of fact my Jim Shore snowman is out all year long and so is my snowman plaque. Its not because I am not fond of Santa or even Jesus at Christmas – I just love snow, the quietness, the magical crisp and sparkling hue of snow.  Its calming and reflective. So my snowmen made my Christmas cheerier!

Now on to the books – I had been wanting to read Crazy Love by Francis Chan and asked for it specifically for Christmas – but I also got One Thousand Gifts by Ann Voskamp. So during the quiet still of winter I will have some great reading to do.

Along with the crazy love of God – there is my crazy love for Steve. We have been together for “a million years” and unfortunately we are not able to spend every waking minute together but along with God, (my creator, first and foremost) Steve  has my heart.

Merry Christmas, Love.

I also received a pair of swirly silver earrings, a purple shirt, some cozy socks, a poncho and a sweater. And my other great love, coffee, I have another travel cup to add to my collection (I leave them at church all the time – but that’s ok it will keep me coming back).

These are just some of the highlights of gifts I cherished and never expected this Christmas. Gifts given, unexpected and undeserved – yet given freely out of grace, sacrifice and LOVE. Just like Jesus – His grace freely given, His Life , a sacrifice and His redemption is priceless and HIS LOVE is awesome.

Enjoy the rest of your Christmas and Have a blessed New Year!


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